Wednesday, January 4, 2012


"Whoa!" is Lucy's favorite new word, and it's the perfect word to describe the whirlwind of a holiday season we had. 

After celebrating Christmas early with my side of the family, Andy, Birdie and I headed to Atlanta for a fun-filled week.
Birdie riding on the console, butt on back seat as usual, heading to ATL.
While in Atlanta, Sally and I went shopping, of course, hitting Anthropologie and the Jonathan Adler store, where I saw these lovelies. They are the cutest salt and pepper shakers, and they were screaming "Megan!" I knew I had to get them for her, but I had already gotten her Christmas and birthday presents. However, I just had this feeling that an engagement was in her near future, so I bought them for her "future engagement present". And what do you know, that night I got a phone call from Megan telling me she and Cameron were engaged! I must be psychic or something. I couldn't be happier for such a great couple!
Jonathan Adler Grey Nixon salt & pepper shakers

On Christmas Eve day, we met up with some family friends for a play date at the dog park. They have two goldens, Iowa and River, and a white german shepherd, Colonel.
All 4 dogs being anti-social.

Birdie had just jumped through that. Nope. that's a lie.
On Christmas Eve, Andy's family has always gone to a family friend's house for a party. It is SO much fun. As you know, we are slightly obsessed with Christmas Vacation, and so is this family. Pretty much all night the only conversation back and forth between Andy and his friend Chris is quotes from the movie. 
We even sipped eggnog from official Marty the Moose National Lampoons glasses! On a side note, I hate eggnog. This was all for the picture.

Christmas day was very relaxing. Some family friends came over for dinner, and Sally cooked a very yummy beef tenderloin. Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures. 

Here's what I got.
Christmas morning beignets

We had a great time spending the holiday with Andy's parents in Atlanta. We headed back to Charleston on the 27th, and my cousin and her two kids came in town on the 28th and were here until New Year's Day. Like I said, it was a whirlwind of a holiday season, but we loved every minute of it. 

I will have to save the rest for another post. This one is getting too long and I can feel myself falling asleep. If I'm falling asleep, you probably are, too.

How was your holiday season?

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  1. Aww I got goosebumps reading the salt & pepper shakers tidbit. :) I think we should make beignets one morning during the ski trip! Oh, and I got your card yesterday, too cute!