Monday, January 28, 2013

Tasty Tuesday--Bite-Sized Baked Brie

Look at me, two posts in a week!

I have a yummy one for you today. I made these baked brie bites from Joy the Baker for our New Year's "Ski" party (more on that below). They were so good--buttery & flakey pastry, sweet & tangy cherry preserves, and creamy, rich brie. You can't go wrong. And then add some salty with the sweet with a sprinkle of sea salt to finish...even better. And, they were so easy to make. Took no time at all.

I didn't snap a picture of my brie bites, so you'll have to settle for Joy's beautiful picture that is 500x's better than any picture I would post. I also didn't put sticks in mine, but they're pretty cute with them.

Bite-Sized Baked Brie
makes 24 

2 sheets puff pastry (thawed, but still cold)
1/2 wedge of brie, cold
1/3 cup cherry jam (or any flavor)
1 large egg, beaten
splash of milk
coarse sea salt

Cut the pastry into thirds along the creases of the folds. Cut each panel into four pieces. They'll be 2 1/4-inch tall and 3-inches wide. One sheet of puff pastry will yield 12 rectangles. Cut each rectangle in half. You'll have 24 little rectangles that will create 12 little rectangle pockets for your bites.
Combine the beaten egg and splash of milk. Brush 12 of the small rectangles with the egg wash. Place a small sliver of brie (rind and all) on top of the egg wash. Top with about 1/2 teaspoon of jam. Take another square of pastry and press between your fingers to make the rectangle slightly bigger. Place this puff pastry on top of the cheese and jam. Use a fork to press the edges together. The egg wash will act as glue. Make sure to seal the edges well by crimping with the fork. Prick the top lightly with a fork.
Place a rack in the center of the oven and preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place prepared brie bites on a parchment lined baking sheet. Brush with egg wash. Sprinkle with a touch of coarsely ground sea salt. Bake for 12 to 14 minutes, or until golden brown.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly before serving.
Best served warm, but are also delicious at room temperature.

*Don't be afraid of using too much brie & jam...even if it seeps out the edges! I don't think I used enough, but they were still good.

Now, the New Year's "Ski" party. Wellll, we all wanted to take another ski trip this winter, but with weddings and other expenses piling up, it just wasn't going to happen for us. So, we had a ski party right in Charleston, SC. Thanks to Emily and her crafty-self, we had a beautiful ski-scape--the perfect backdrop for photos. It was so fun...and so awesome to be comfortable instead of in a cocktail dress and heels!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

just the highlights

Yes, it has been a while. Instead of a long, boring post catching you up on what's been going on in our household, here are just the highlights of my little blog hiatus.

1.  We took a long weekend and spent some time in Brevard, Asheville, and Lake Lure, North Carolina.
Looking Glass Falls, Brevard NC 
Fly Fishing on the Davidson, Brevard NC
Chimney Rock, where they filmed The Last of the Mohicans.
Drinks at The Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC

2.  Spent Christmas in Summerville with my side of the family this year (we alternate every year).
snuggling with Birdie and her two ornaments she repeatedly stole off the tree.
Christmas morning beignets (ignore the no-makeup morning look)
Lucy helping G open his presents.
Lucy got a dollhouse
Christmas dinner: Frogmore Stew
3.  I went to my 10 year high school reunion. While it wasn't quite the turnout we expected, we had fun nonetheless. My bff Katie planned it and she did a great job. It was great to see some old high school buddies that I don't get to see often.
Katie, me, and softball buddies Alison and Erin

4. I'm taking a graduate course on Nature and Needs of the Gifted Student. Of course, my main reason for taking this course is for recertification points, but I am really enjoying it. I'm learning so much about gifted students and their needs. It is opening my eyes to the needs of gifted students, and the consequences we, and they, face when their needs are not met.

5.  My cousin, Blair, and her two children, Nate (6) and Emery (2), came to visit us last weekend. My Aunt Nita came, also. I love my family so much and love when they come to visit. We had a blast, and Lucy was so happy to see her cousins!

Nate at the park in the Lattimore jersey we got him for Christmas.
Lucy and Emery snappin' green beans for supper.
Cousins at Perfectly Frank's (as seen on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives)
red boots and curious george!

6.  My brother coaches varsity girls basketball at Summerville High School and just got his 50th win last night!  I am so proud of my big bro!

Sweet daddy & daughter moment after a game.

7.  I'm becoming an aunt to another baby girl in April. I am so excited! There are a few name choices they are deciding on, but Lucy's first pick was "Laundry."
Dr. Lucy will be delivering the baby :)

8.  I got crafty with my nails.
The color looks better in person (Essie "sand tropex" with "cute as a button" polka dots)

Okay, so maybe this wasn't a short post, but there was a lot to catch you up! And maybe #8 wasn't really a highlight, but I'm pretty proud of my first "nail art" attempt and wanted to brag a little.

I promise to talk to you all again soon...