Friday, January 6, 2012

from the mouths of babes.

Every year when we return from Christmas break, I always have my students write about their goals for the new year. I make a pretty big deal about it....we reflect on mistakes we've made, things we didn't accomplish but wanted to, then they brainstorm goals they want to accomplish in 2012 and narrow it down to just 2 goals to write about in their essay. They have to be detailed about what they will have to do to accomplish their goals. It's a big deal and the kiddos take it pretty seriously. And their goals are pretty adorable.

Here are some of the goals of my 3rd graders:

1.  Stop fighting with my sister.

2.  Play more video games.

3.  Save my money to buy an XBox.

4.  Get good at football.

5.  Get good at basketball.

6.  Make more friends.

7.  Make "A" Honor Roll.

8.  Learn how to cook.

9.  Listen to my teacher.

10.  Pass all of my multiplication facts.

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