Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Fun

Our weekend was busy, but the good kind of busy. We spent time with good friends, celebrated a birthday, welcomed back old friends that recently moved back to Charleston, and celebrated a baby girl on the way.  Here it is in a nutshell.

Andy and I played a little tennis when he got home from work. I hadn't played tennis in so long, and had forgotten how much fun it is! 

After tennis, we had dinner with Megan and Cameron and friends at Fat Hen. Fat Hen is definitely in my top 5 favorite Charleston-area restaurants. Lyndsey's little girl, Katie, was the cutest (Lyndsey is the cute girl on the left). She was so well-behaved and had such good manners. I just loved her!
I ordered the seared grouper that was served over a local succotash of butter beans, corn, shallots, fennel, bacon, tomato, and beurre blanc sauce. Oh. My. Gosh. I highly recommend this dish!
I forgot to take a picture (probably because it was 9:00 and I was starving because we eat like old people at 6:00), but I found this one on urbanspoon.

After dinner, we went to a little Irish pub on John's Island called Seanachai's with Megan and Cameron.  It's a private club, but they welcome non-members. After a few visits, they ask you to join. We just may need to, because the few times that we've gone, we've had a blast! They have great live music, and THE BEST mojito I have ever had. We could smell the bartender muddling the mint from across the bar. So fresh and minty :)

We had a lazy morning, and then celebrated our friend's, Alicia and Dallas, little boy's 2nd birthday. It was a Curious George party, and everything was perfect. Alicia knows how to plan a party!
Yummy peach sangria for the big kids.
me, Emily & Lane, and Megan

face plant into the cupcake! no hands required

After Dallas' birthday party, we headed to Summerville to a "welcome back" cookout to welcome back my friend Wendy, her husband, Carlos, and their sweet baby boy, Joaquin. Wendy and I have been friends since middle school, and she's been living in Austin for the last few years. Her parents and my parents go to church together, so the party was thrown by the Summerville Presbyterian crew.
That's Wendy with her eyes closed next to me, and Carlos and Joaquin are next to Andy.

Sunday was Lauren's baby shower on Isle of Palms. Lauren was a sorority sister of mine, and one of my best friends from college. She went to Bishop England (one of my high school's biggest volleyball rivals), and we spent most of high school playing against each other in volleyball, but never knew each other until college. 
How cute is she? You can't even tell she's pregnant until you see the side view!
i'm looking large and in charge.

And we wrapped up the weekend with a yummy dinner at Hometeam BBQ. I got the same thing I always get: smoked brisket, mac-n-cheese, and collards.
Freaking amazing.

Like I said, it was a busy, but super fun, weekend! And now I'm ready to get to work in my classroom this week! I'll post some pics of my progress along the way.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. good times with y'all this weekend! we need to make Seanachai's a regular occurrence. that's so funny y'all ate Hometeam for dinner last night - we NEVER go there, but ate there for lunch yesterday! PS - you do NOT look large and in charge in that pic.