Sunday, February 12, 2012


Cake Pops = Success

She had about 4 total. Every time she'd finish one, she'd say "red one?" "blue one?" "yeyyow one?"

Lucy also enjoyed...
frozen chocolate-covered bananas ("monkey tails")

banana cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting that her Aunt Shelley made (these were my favorite)

playing in "Yucy's House" (Lucy's playhouse)
This cute Curious George dress was custom made for Lucy by my talented cousin's wife, Tricia Harley.
If you like it, check out Caroline's Closet's facebook page for more beautifully hand-made children's clothes.

Opening presents...

But the biggest surprise of all....

Lucy found out that her dad isn't just a daddy, basketball coach, and teacher...

He's also The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George!
ignore the blurriness

Pretty sure this little girl got everything she wanted on her birthday! 


  1. Hey Caroline,
    I am glad the cake pops were a success, you did a great job. I decided to mention you on my blog and give you an award!!! Come check it out at my site.


  2. That is quite the hat!!! Love it!