Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cake Pops!

I did it.
I hopped on the cake pop train.

Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't I?

Secretly, I've been dying to make these cuties for some time now. And, thanks to Lucy, I had the perfect opportunity.

She is having a Curious George-themed birthday party today and I offered to make cake pops as party favors. The recipe/method came from the original creator of these treats, Bakerella, so you can get the steps there.

Here is my first stab at cake pops:

Some tips that I discovered after some trial-and-errors. Yes, there was some foot-stomping and maybe even a few choice words thrown out. However, once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed making these.

1.  I chilled my cake balls in the fridge for about 4 hours. However, this wasn't enough! I'm pretty sure you were supposed to put the sticks in before you put it them in to chill. I didn't do this.

2. What DID work for me was I put the sticks in then let them chill in the freezer for about 20 minutes before I started. 

3. I left the cake balls in the freezer as I worked. I would pull them out one at a time as I went along. 

4. Also, it's easier to dip/coat the cake balls in the candy coating if you use a smaller bowl.

5. I poked holes in a cardboard box to let them dry.


  1. Wow! They look amazing, you did a great job.


  2. Wow I would have never guest this was your first time making picked amazing fun colors...:-) They look great...I bet they tasted great too!