Monday, June 27, 2011

A Weekend in Hotlanta.

This weekend Andy, Birdie, and I made a trip up to Atlanta to visit his parents. This trip was long overdue. We see them quite often, but they usually make the trip down to Charleston. It was definitely our turn!
Birdie made the most of the 5 hour drive, trying out lots of 
car-riding positions...

this position didn't last...
cuddled up with the clothes for a while...
this was her second favorite, always has to have human contact!
but, finally settled into her usual:
bottom on the back seat, front paws on the center console, right in between mom and dad.
and it's always better with a treat hanging out your mouth like a cigar.

Andy and his dad played in a golf tournament together, which gave Sally and I lots of time to do girly things. After taking Birdie on a nice long walk Friday morning, we headed to the salon for manicures.
I chose this color, "California Coral":
After that, we were off to visit my cousin, Blair, and her family. They just moved back to Georgia from Florida, which we are all happy about since they are much closer! It was such a nice visit. Their new house is beautiful and the kiddos are as adorable as ever.

Saturday morning, Birdie enjoyed exploring in the yard.

Then Sally and I headed off to, seriously, the most amazing place ever...

The Super-H Mart

An Asian supermarket. It was an adventure, here is the adventure in pictures.

Free taco in the parking lot. I already loved the place. 
The chicken was being grilled right on the spot, fresh corn tortilla, and spicy salsa with avocados. 

Ever been to a supermarket that lets you scoop goldfish out of a kiddie pool for free outside?

And now, the food. 
Prepare yourselves...

Hami Melon: tasted like cantaloupe, only crunchier and kind of salty tasting.

Korean Yams: an apparent super-food. We had several shoppers tell us they eat them every morning because they are said to be cancer-fighting with lots of antioxidants. 
I bought some, so I'll fill you in on the flavor.
Lotus Root
Cactus Leaf
Cannot remember what these were called.
Aloe Vera
Bamboo Shoots

Mmm...anyone want to guess what these are? 
And, no, they aren't mushrooms.
If you guessed Salted Sliced Jellyfish, then BINGO! You got it!

Cookin' up some pork belly. Always wanted to try this, and it was so good. Like bacon but better.

Now, on to some interesting frozen foods..

Frog legs and pork ears not your thing? 
How about some pork tail, pork skin, veal marrow gut, or pork feet?

Still not striking your fancy?
One of these maybe?
Pork Uterus...

or, my personal favorite...
Pork Bung.
Mmmmm, sounds good. I think I'll have that.

If you didn't find what you were looking for in the frozen foods section, never fear.
You just might get lucky in the seafood section.

Let's take a gander, shall we?

Bulk-size carton of dried anchovies?
Sea Quirts or Korean Sea Cucumbers?

Seafood Ham?
I don't even want to know.

Finally! Some seafood I recognized!

After perusing through all of the yummy food (okay, it wasn't all yummy looking), our stomachs were growling so we had lunch at the food court inside the store.
We both opted for soup, mine from the Thai place, Sally's from the Korean.

I don't remember all of it, but I do remember it had strips of beef, seaweed, rice noodles, and green onions.
She also ordered a side of worms.
I kid, I kid! They were spicy pickled radishes.

My soup.
Rice noodles, shrimp and pork wontons, green onions. 
It was yummy!

For dessert, we went next door to a Korean bakery where we ordered Bubble Teas...
Sally had grape, I had honeydew.
They were so fresh and light, with tapioca on the bottom. 

And also, this interesting little goody.
Green Tea Cream Cheese Cake.
It pretty much just tasted like a cheese danish, with nuts.

Other than food, we also picked up this pretty mirror from the Homegoods store.

I've been looking for a large mirror for the large, intimidating wall above our TV. I'm going to rearrange what's up there now and figure out a way it will all go together.
Any ideas?

And, last but not least, Sally sent me home with these cookbooks that I can't wait to use!

We had so much fun and are hoping to go back soon for a Braves game!


  1. What a fun weekend! I'm a new follower :)

  2. hehe pork bung. i am so mature. :) sounds like yall had a good weekend! can't wait for tonight!!

  3. Ooohh great super market finds...gosh food seems much cheaper south then in the midwest! :-)