Saturday, June 18, 2011


Visited Louis's memorial with Megan. We gave him some "Greenwave" flowers.
Sure do miss him.
Here is a picture of the girls JV basketball team that I helped coach. We won the Mulkey Invitational, and watched the ESPN special right afterwards. We wanted the girls to realize just how special the tournament win was. There wasn't a dry eye.
Megan wrote a sweet post about Louis, and also has a link to the ESPN special to watch.

Farmer's Market with Megan to prepare for the Father's Day feast at our house tomorrow.
Corn for Creamed Corn
Peaches for Peach Cobbler (dad's favorite)
heirloom tomatoes for Tomato Pie
and, of course, peanuts to boil

Also picked up some flowers...

And, best of all, a surprise lunch visit with sweet Lucy.

My Saturday so far. And it's only 2:00. 
What are your big weekend plans?

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  1. Had a good time this morning! Now only if I wasn't stuck at work..