Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charleston Cooks

 For my birthday, my beautiful momma got us a cooking lesson at Charleston Cooks.


It is a fabulous kitchen store located on Eastbay Street in downtown Charleston. The store has more kitchen gadgets than you could imagine. Attached to the store is a kitchen/classroom which is open for viewing from the street and the store windows.

Here is the part of the store. There is another part that has all local cookbooks and food items.
Where I got these.
They store flat, but pop open for measuring.

This is the kitchen where the classes take place.
Anyway, at Charleston Cooks, you can do a full-on cooking class, where you help to prepare a meal with a group, or you can watch a cooking demonstration, kind of like front row seats to the Foodnetwork. 
We did the full-on cooking class. You begin by watching the chef demonstrate each portion of the meal, and then you are on your own. Everyone splits up and takes on a part of the meal, then you enjoy the delicious meal and limitless wine as a group. It is so much fun! I had been one other time, for a wedding shower for my cousin, Michaele. This time, it was just mom and me and about 10 other "strangers". However, these other people soon become friends. It is so much fun to walk around and check out what everyone else is making. 

Our menu
"Lowcountry Back Porch Supper"

Balsamic Glazed Peach and Ricotta Salata Salad
Parmesan, Basil, and Summer Tomato Pie
Boursin and Bacon Smashed Potatoes
Lemon Pepper Encrusted Steak
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Hot Fudge Sundaes

Mom and I really wanted to make the peach to the station and it was taken, next choice was the smashed potatoes...taken. So, we got stuck with what no one else wanted. The dessert. I don't know why, but desserts kind of intimidate me. However, this dessert was so easy! And everything was made from scratch. I will definitely make it again.
EVERYTHING was sooo good. The instructor was friendly and helpful, and everyone got along great. I hope to go back and do another class! 
If you're from Charleston, or are coming to visit, I highly recommend trying this out!

Don't worry, these recipes will all be coming up soon!
I did attempt at the tomato pie, but I definitely need some practice with making my own pie crust! It was a doughy mess! The filling was delicious, though.


  1. That looks like so much fun. I've been in the store and they have tons of neat kitchen tools. I want them all!

  2. The tomato pie Caroline tired, was very good, the crust wasn't bad, it jus got warm too fast!
    It was a fun night, the best part was spending time with Caroline. Love Mom

  3. tried sorry....tired is me not the pie!