Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling the Love

It's my birthday and it's been a great one so far. My kids were on their best (well...best that they can be in the last week of school) behavior, I was able to come home right after work and take a quick nap with Birdie, and Andy came home bearing lots of yummy goodies, including okra chips, which are amazing! Now, we are about to meet my family at EVO in Park Circle for a fun birthday dinner. 

However, my favorite part of my day so far has been when one of my favorite students gave me this little guy, who I've already named "Sock Monkey Steve" (after Steve Spurrier, of course), and he will be my official class mascot for the 2012-2013 school year. 

But the best part of her birthday gift was the sweet note she wrote that brought tears to my eyes.

And, although this video is completely unrelated to my birthday, it makes me smile. 
Lucy's version of "Pumped Up Kicks". 
You HAVE to watch it until the whistling part, at least! It's my favorite.

Watch it!


  1. WOW first happy birthday....second..that note is not only amazingly sweet...but wow you really taught your student a lot ...she is a great writer for 3rd grade!!!