Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally...the day has come, my friends

That's right, today is the day! 

I have to say, I'm not one to jump on a band wagon of any sort. I wasn't into the vampire thing (until I recently saw the first twilight movie on tv...and immediately went to rent the others.) However, last summer when I was gathering ideas for my summer reading list (as a teacher, I feel like summer is the only time I have to get good reading time in), I kept seeing this book pop up all over the place. I was skeptical. I'm generally NOT a "sci fi" kind of gal, and this did not seem like my cup of tea. But then I saw that Kim at 3 Peanuts recommended it, I thought, "She's a classy lady and she read it...I'll give it a shot." Yep. That's exactly what I thought. I'm weird and a dork.

I read all 3 books in a matter of days. 

So with that being said, I've already purchased my tickets to see the movie tonight with the BFF. I'm not one of the crazies who went to the midnight screening...I'm weird, but not that weird. My apologies if you are one of these people...I respect you and your obsession.
Do you have your tickets yet?
If not, 
"may the odds be ever in your favor."

tickets are going fast, after all.

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  1. I started the book last night bc, like you I am not a sci-fi fan, and my best friend is a librarian and told me that I probably wouldn't like it judging by what I normally read. Well, my sister, who has only read about 4 books in her entire life and hates to read with a passion, started reading this and couldn't put it down. She was like dissing her friends to read, sooo needless to say I am jumping on the train!!