Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things--part 2

Some of the things I'm loving right now.

These pictures from our weekend in Columbia with good friends, Porter and Kayla, and their baby boy Oatmeal. We love this couple and their doggie so much. While the boys played golf on Saturday, Kayla and I had arts and crafts time in the beautiful weather with lots of mimosas.
{I stole the dog pictures from Kayla's blog. She's got some great photography skills!}
My Birdie Girl
Birdie and Oatmeal played tug-o-war with a stick all day.

My crafts--wall decor, twine wrapped candle, and coffee filter bow for the gift we bought for a wedding shower.

Best seat in the house...

This book. I just started it and it's already really making me think about God's love for us. I can't wait to see what the rest of the book holds for me.
The book's website

Tea Parties with Lucy

My Camellias that I planted in the fall are finally blooming! I guess they like to procrastinate, just like me.


I don't love the elliptical...I get bored easily on it. However, this interval workout makes the 35 minutes fly by and it is such a great cardio workout!

And, that's all folks! For now. 
What are you loving lately?

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