Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My brother and SIL are Food Network Stars!

Did anyone happen to catch the latest episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network last night? If you did, you saw my brother and sister-in-law! DDD came to my home town of Summerville to feature a delicious hotdog joint called Perfectly Franks. This place is awesome! They have so many different types of hotdogs, but my two favorites are the one they made on the show, The Frank Cuda, and one named after my brother, The Frank Legare.

The Frank Cuda has homemade chili, cheese sauce, bleu cheese coleslaw, fried bacon and fried onions. It is amaaaazing. 

The Frank Legare is basically Frogmore Stew on a bun. Instead of a regular hotdog, it's smoked sausage topped with boiled shrimp, corn relish, and cocktail sauce. mmmmm. Is your mouth watering?

I have the video saved, but I obviously don't know how to upload videos to blogger because I fail every time. Can I get hand here? What am I doing wrong?

Here are some "stills" from the episode...
Perry Cuda, chef and owner
and that's my big brother, Matt!
diggin' into the Frank Legare dog

My beautiful sister-in-law, Ellen!
You know, just chattin' it up with Guy.

So, if you're every in the area, and in the mood for a good hotdog, Perfectly Franks has the best!

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