Thursday, August 14, 2014

August--how I love, and hate, you.

I think Michael Scott accurately depicts the feeling teachers have when August rolls around...

If you're like me, the moment you realize it's August 1st, you immediately have a slight panic attack, followed by butterflies, followed by a pit in your stomach. And, the school nightmares begin. I've already had one: it was meet the teacher night, and an hour before it started, they told me I was switching classrooms. So, I had meet the teacher night in a closet filled with boxes. It was terrifying, and so believable! I hate those dreams. August comes around and suddenly you're mourning the end of summer, but, whether you admit it or not, you're actually kind of excited about starting a new year and getting your classroom ready for a new bunch of kiddos.

I've made a few changes in my room this year, and I'm so thrilled with how it has turned out. I don't usually like to do a "themed classroom", but I do love cutesy nautical stuff, so I've decided to bring that love into the classroom. But I tried to do so without going overboard on the decor. I like to keep my classroom simple, and only put up displays that are meaningful and useful. I especially have to be particular in what I choose to display because I'm in a learning cottage (trailer), so space is limited and valuable. I have to say, I love the way it turned out!

Here are a few sneak peeks of my classroom. I'll do a full classroom post soon!


  1. I teach in Charleston County too and just found your blog while searching for some recipes, Looking forward to following you!

  2. Love all the details and guided reading sitting balls!!

  3. Cute classroom, LOVE LOVE the balls for sitting!! I am a retired teacher of 30+ yrs. I taught in the area of special education, literacy coach, and even began as a speech therapist. Retirement is highly recommended but I honestly never believed I would ever actually be retired. I guess I saw myself as teaching up till God calls me Home! HA!! I dearly loved teaching up until the last 5 yrs and I struggled with all the new laws and restrictions. At age 55 I was too old, too tired, and too opinionated after having done it MY WAY for way too long. I realized at 55 it was time to pack up and go to the house. I did just that and have never looked back. I babysat my 6 month old grandson up until he started pre-school at age 4. Hang in there. Public School (I'm assuming you teach in a public school) is is vital to the lifeblood of our country. You young teachers have the energy and knowledge to make a difference in so many lives. At some point you will too Pass the Torch.
    Jane Hillis
    Gmama Jane