Sunday, December 16, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas Break

As I am sure everyone else is, I am disgusted by the horrific school shootings in Connecticut. When I heard the news, I had just dropped off my students at the buses to go home for the day. I always hug each one of my little ones before I put them on the bus, whether they like it or not. But when I heard this news, I wished I had hugged each one a little tighter for a little longer. 

I am awe of the courageous stories I am hearing of the teachers who were so brave in protecting the lives of their students. All I keep picturing is my little babies with frightened faces looking to me for answers. I know my babies are going to have so many questions on Monday morning, and I pray that I have the courage to answer them. I do not want this tragedy to cause them to be scared or feel unsafe at school, a place where they should feel the safest. It breaks my heart to think of this. 

I am going to hug my little ones constantly tomorrow.
All teachers know that the week before Christmas break is one of the craziest and most exhausting. However, it is also one of the most fun and exciting. Especially in elementary school, as they still have the excitement of Santa and the love of Christmas. 

I wrote this poem with the help of my kiddos last week. I've assigned each child a line, and I will record them reciting the poem to show to the parents at our Christmas party on Thursday. I have to say, this poem is pretty hilarious and they LOVE it.

All you teachers out there can certainly relate...

2C's Twas the Night Before Christmas Break

Twas the night before Christmas break,
And all through 2C,
Not a student was quiet,
Especially not sweet Kassidy.

The homework was turned in to the basket by the door,
In hopes that Mrs. D wouldn't assign anymore.
The children were restless, not listening to Mrs. D,
Not even quiet Patricia or sweet Pressley.

Arguments were starting: "I was here first," shouted Sandra Gail,
"No, I was!" replied Mason, "I'm going to tell!"

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
Everyone jumped out of their seats to see what was the matter.
And what do you think their sweet little eyes did see?
Mrs. D throwing a tantrum screaming, "These kids are driving me CRAZY!"

Her eyes--how they bulged. Her face grew so red,
Makena declared, "I think Mrs. D has lost her head!"
"What should we do?" asked May, "Our teacher is sad."
"You're right," said Colby, "She really has gone quite mad."

Mrs. D's tantrum continued as she started to sigh,
"Oh Gavin! Oh Tripp! Oh Madison and Eli!
Why won't you listen and do as I say?
Why won't Samuel and Gracie simply obey?"

"I know what to do," said Reagan while Mrs. D's eyes continued to bug,
"What Mrs. D really needs is a big, giant hug."
Will agreed, and so did Gabby,
Then Caleigh said, "I know something else that will make her extra happy."
"We all need to listen and do what we should."
"Yeah," agreed Serenity, "That will make Mrs. D feel really good."

So they all marched outside, with Sam leading the way,
"Excuse us Mrs. D, but we have something to say.
We've been kind of naughty, we know this is true,
But we promise to listen and do what you ask us to do.
We'll be good at home, and listen to mom and dad,
We know on Christmas day, that will make them really glad.

Mrs. D's face brightened, and her eyes started to clear,
Her students had told her exactly what she needed to hear.

And they heard her proclaim, as her eyes filled with tears,
"Merry Christmas, my sweet students, and a happy new year!"

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  1. I love this little ditty! Awesome job Mrs. D.
    from 2C.
    Mrs. Bacon