Saturday, May 21, 2011

Five Song Friday, finally. And more stuff... Five Song Fridays have been kind of slack. And, yes, I realize it is not Friday anymore. I promise once school is out, I'll do better! I know you all just wait every Friday in anticipation to see what songs I feature. Riiiight.

Five more songs for your listening pleasure and that I've been slightly obsessed with lately...

Van Morrison's original version of course will forever and always be my favorite. But this one is right up there, too. You know I gotta have Tupelo Honey on here. Warning-video isn't the best quality.

Love, love, love this song. And Sam Cooke. Our first dance at our wedding was a Sam Cooke song.

Okay, I know I'm the bazillionth person who has told you this, but you MUST get Adele's "new" album if you haven't already. It has been on repeat on my ipod for the last week.

4. You Are My Face--Wilco
Just really good. I love it.

5.  California Dreamin'--Eddie Hazel
This funky version of the song is so good. I could listen over and over.

Hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend!
I know I will! Sunday is my birthday which means...

pool today...

dinner with all of these people tonight...
Mom and Dad

Matt, Ellen, and perfect niece Lucy (dressed as a 50's girl for Halloween)
I love them all, but mostly excited about seeing this one...

  and boat with these beautiful people tomorrow!

My first birthday present came in the mail from my sweet in-laws, who are in Italy right now visiting my brother-in-law...
Oh yeah! Haha...this came along with a beautiful cookbook "Sundays in the South"
Please ignore that this was taken after a long day of "teaching" crazy 3rd graders and sans makeup.

Jack and Sally, my in-laws, and us in Yellowstone Park last summer.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone! I hope this long post kinda made up for all of the missing ones lately!

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